Geraldo Mercado (Brooklyn, NY, USA): It’s Going to be Okay

  • watch: 28th September 2019 at 12am UTC
  • duration: 20min

The mantra “It’s Going to be Okay” is repeated while a series of increasingly difficult physically demanding tasks are performed. This will be the fourth iteration of my performance series IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY. The first iteration was performed at Apiary Studios in London during Animanus Art Salon in 2013, the second iteration took place during Maverick Expo in 2016, and the third took place at Para\\\\el Performance Space earlier this year. This a performance reserved for times of great personal and political turmoil: with the climate crisis affecting the world, La Junta in Puerto Rico, and the degradation of human life by capitalism now is the time to perform it again.

BIO: Geraldo Mercado has been involved in the New York City performance art community for eleven years, first as a documentarian working at Exit Art, a pioneering art space, and later as a practitioner of the artform. He has created nearly 200 performances since 2012. His work is intense, immediate, simultaneously confrontational and populist while exploring themes of identity, empathy, and political activism. Geraldo’s recent performance series “2,975” was an attempt to expose the Trump administration’s casual indifference to the death toll in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. His first solo show “In The Universes Where I Died” was held in 2015 at Gallery Sensei. Having had a 1% chance of living past infancy, this show supposed what things would have been like on the other side had he died as a baby. His second solo show, “…And What Will We Do When We Get There” explored aging, religion, personal growth, and loss and was hosted at cloyingPARLOR in 2016. ARTIST’S WEBSITE