Girls (Saint Petersburg, Russia): Girls cry in POROKH \\ Mourners

  • 9 Apr 2022 5 pm UTC
  • dur 40 min

Mourners The world is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the entire planet is now subjected to a collective state of being full with violence and injustice. Held tight by an emotional vise, people stumble around in circles – the Victim, the Persecutor, the Rescuer; not permitting themselves to relax and move on from meaningless suffering to a state of conscious presence and action born of unconditional love. The internal paralysis debilitates and immobilizes completely, leaving only one insoluble question – when will the pain end? In the POROKH theater we will create a space where we will practice Trataka. Trataka is a meditation with a candle. It is performed in order to concentrate the attention, open the third eye zone and cleanse the tear ducts. To perform it one stares at a candle for 15 minutes straight, without blinging, and within a couple of minutes afterwards, an active secretion of tears begins – a quiet and cleansing weeping. Inside a female circle of 12, a common pain-body will manifest, nurtured by the communal energy. The women will weep and mourn for the whole world, which is suffering and shrinking now. The accumulated pain-body will be shed and melt away the moment the tears that are flowing from the heart dry up.

Julia Sharkina Born on July 21,1987 in the city of Yekaterinburg Graduated from the Ural State University of Architecture and Art, Department of Image Design Currently lives and works in Saint Petersburg Exhibitions 2021 Curator of the exhibition by Alexander Gordin «Myths – Illusions – Art Objects», The Stables Housing of the Elaginsky Palace, St. Petersburg 2020 Curator of the exhibition «Immersion», painter and sculptor Antonina Fatkhullina, exhibition space of the ex-factory “Stepan Razin”, St. Petersburg 2020 Coordinator of the exhibition «NEMOSKVA IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER», Manezh Exhibition Complex, St. Petersburg 2020 Personal exhibition «Hello boy», Etica Gallery, St. Petersburg 2019 Curator of the exhibition «Happiness of being yourself», painter Vladimir Ilyich Spartak, Makletsky House, Yekaterinburg 2019 Curator of the project «Ural. City. Place» 2019 Producer of the annual art-residence «Zaozerye» («Behind the lake») 2018 Curator of the exhibition «My Holland», photographer Oksana Prikhodko, My G Ural Gallery, Yekaterinburg 2009 Curator of the exhibition «Zero Gravity» in the First Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, Wool Textile Factory, Yekaterinburg Performances 2021 «What For?», a performance show in the Fear of Punishment laboratory, Art community, St. Petersburg 2021 «Borders I Intersections», Marina Gisich gallery, St. Petersburg 2021«Phase Space», Veresk, Zelenogorsk 2021 «Emanation», Ahola festival, Vyborg 2021 «Memory Folds», Saint Petersburg Studio of Performative Arts SDVIG, Noor Electro, Moscow 2021 «Counterpoint of Gender Constructions», Art Fan Festival, Saint Petersburg 2020 «Immersion», ex-factory “Stepan Razin”, Saint Petersburg. 2019 «A Move in the Reception», Makletsky House, Yekaterinburg. 2018 «Westwood: a punk, an icon, an activist», Coliseum, Yekaterinburg 2018 «The Dress», Coliseum, Yekaterinburg 2016 «Who Am I?», Yeltsin Presidential Center, Yekaterinburg Videos 2021 «Dearness» 2021 «Harvest Time» 2021 «Merger» 2021 «Start of the Path» 2020 «Rusalka» («Mermaid») In my artistic practice, I explore the nature of human feelings and emotions. In performative practices I explore my experiences through interaction with space, viewer and objects in it, and also consider my body as an art object ARTIST’S WEBSITE