Hexxyduxxybox (Santiniketan, West Bengal, India): Life is the ocean

  • watch: 24th October 2020 at 9am UTC
  • duration: 7min

I will perform semi nude ,nearly river as well as open area . Apart from this I will use naturalistic material as well . In this performance I\’m showing my inner expression through my body and space ..

BIO: SANSKAR VERMA:- As a matter of fact form and structure idea is very important. My work usually creative and I use tactile and visual qualities to engage the viewer’s. I also like to create large scale immersive pieces where the viewer can interact with piece spatially giving their experience, then its come out as certain form. Built different structure with its own distinction to me I mostly do artwork related to nature like, Fungus ,Algae and their texture, it always comes with a new question. What is the reason behind it ?then I started to the research on it. .it’s big picture for me. Nowadays I work on there growing & spreading. I can connect easily to (Social issues) like viruses, acid attack, gender issues it’s a part of human life. Nowadays I trying to convert my work practice into my performance art . It gives me new direction through my body and space .In college time, I learned various Textile techniques in which Weaving, Stitching , Dyeing, and Printing are the main once using which I give new direction to my art work. I also worked on various Traditional techniques process of textile in which I have created many installation and creative work etc. On the other hand “Fibre Sculpture” is my major subject and ‘Printing’ is miner subject . I want to combine all these techniques and work at a further level. Recently I have been working by icoinic imagery medium for its remarkable quality of generating textual effect and I am a student of Textile department I never did ignore the decorative facts in constructing my composition….