Illestpreacha & Arianna WellMoney (Montréal, Canada): Technology, Gastronomy & Witchery

  • 9 Apr 2023 10 pm UTC
  • dur 20 min

Technology, Gastronomy and Witchery? How are they all related? But rather, why is there connection Gated Gastronomy has source ingredients Witchery has sorcery Source code is all over technology All these source, there must be a connection A connection that might be intertwine Between the lines Of there formulation Can the rules be bent? Can the energy be misspent Is there a need for accurate obedience? What if this was live Livestream A process of an innocent one Towing the line between what life may see And what is actually occurring in this scene On the screen Will it be a joy that beamed Or one render in screams? This is for the audience This is for the participants This may be all we can want?

Arianna Wellmoney (she/her) is an actor and playwright from Milan, Italy. Recent credits: “Dave’s Retro Video Lab” (webseries directed by Emmy Award Winning Director David Distinti), La Santera” (Pilot), “Enoptromancy” (Off Broadway) and “True Drama” (Feature Film). She wrote and starred in “Extraordinary Aliens”, performed in New York and LA. ARTIST’S WEBSITE

Illestpreacha(Kofi Oduro) is an Experiential Storyteller that transforms sounds, data, words and code into experiences that nurtures discussion, reflection, and interaction. With a decade plus of performance, event & audiovisual production, he takes inspiration from endeavours that are not normally together to create a harmonic experience for audiences. His artistic practice is an observation of the world around us that he puts into artworks for others to relate to or disagree with. Through Videography, Poetry and Creative Coding, He tries to highlight the realms of human performance and the human mind in different scenarios.