ImprovFreedom (Vienna, Austria): Spirit of the Free

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  • 8 Apr 2023 5 pm UTC
  • dur 30 min

ImprovFreedom © 2021 Elisabeth Kelvin

Exploring the virtual realm of improvisation and establish new creative paths, ImprovFreedom brings wild sounds and moves. Spirit of the Free free captures the spirit of the well-oiled, lockdown-style online event experience with sophistication and humor.

ImprovFreedom is a global online troupe of improvisational performers, centered in Vienna and connected to the world. It prioritizes free improvisation as a transformative domain for all artistic disciplines and aims to increase the quality and quantity of creative experiences with others. ImprovFreedom invites anyone interested, regardless of ability, to participate as a performer or audience member and experience the spirit of free improvisation. Sessions are recorded, lightly edited, and made available on YouTube. Borne out of the restrictive pandemic environment, the international network continues to grow, exploring the virtual realm of improvisation and establish new creative paths. ImprovFreedom, part of the wider improvisation community in Vienna, has been a source of inspiration and creativity during the pandemic. Being unable to perform in person for a few years, a collection of performers formed a temporary online performance platform and explore the virtual realm of improvisation. Currently, the group consists of acoustic and electronic instrumentalists, movement and visual artists, and performers who embrace no single tradition while establishing a few of their own. ARTIST’S WEBSITE