Islam Elnebishy (Cairo, Egypt): Don’t watch!

  • 21 Dec 2020 8pm UTC – *** CANCELED
  • dur 15min

The crowd, so many opportunities, so much information, so much pain and frustration, tired of looking for something. War? War is war. Rattling, nothingness. Little value and meaning. Emptiness, hard to endure and to sit with yourself, unable not to do and not having to do. I am tired! How to reconcile and continue? And what about all these videos everywhere, all these scenes, all these stories, where do I stand among all this. The more you watch, the more lonely you will be. This momentum, and the anger… in reality? Or just inside me? Do not reconcile or watch.

BIO: I am 26 years old dancer, I am a graduate of Cairo contemporary dance center 3-years program (2016-2020). Also studied in cairo institute for liberal arts and science in the 1-year program. I created my own Performances: -Don\’t watch! june 2020 – once i had a dream, \”solo\” December 2019 -Troubled Butterflies, choreography. April 2019 -again and again and again, created and performed by me (Islam Elnebishy) and islam elaraby. December 2017 And as a dancer I participated in some performances like: -through and out, solo performance, by jorge crecis september 2018 -credo, by karima mansour. May 2018 – Wild decent, dance performance with Olivier Dubois at nasim elraqus festival (egypt) (april/may 2017) – museum of contemporary art, visual arts performance in d-caf 2017 (march/april 2017) -maalish, dance performance, for merit micheil, egypt …2017 – rough stage, contemporary dance performance with maher shwamerah (january 2017) -madeeh, dance performance in the d-caf festival, april 2016. I also have a main interest in improvisation and I teach some classes and workshops regularly…. And love researching in this area.