Jack Bernal (Barcelona, Spain): #DiedSuddendly

  • 9 Apr 2023 12 pm UTC
  • dur 15 min

Images of people writhing, falling to the ground, sudden fainting spells, placing their hands on their chests, writhing in pain, bodies that are stiff… There are many reports of sudden deaths in the last two years along with excess mortality throughout the world from all causes, especially cardiovascular causes such as strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis, arrhythmias, or others such as menstrual problems, cancer and fetal deaths. Healthy people of all ages die suddenly, especially rare is the case of athletes and young people. For example, Germany currently has the highest excess mortality in its history. What’s going on? To what is due? Many experts and doctors talk about the effects of Covid vaccines as possibly responsible for this excess of sudden deaths. In #DiedSuddenly I want to express through the body, images and video this worrying thing that is happening in the world, and that it is not being given the importance that it really has, there is even an opacity and some data is manipulated.

I studied performing arts and worked as a dancer and actor, combining it with teaching mobility and dance classes. Later I studied photography, focusing especially on portrait and self-portrait photography, which led me to investigate the world of performance, the body and the image. ARTIST’S WEBSITE