Johanna Yukiko Haneda (USA): Heartbeat Ink

  • 27 Mar 2021 3pm UTC
  • dur 37min

A singer and a performing artist, whose practice migrated toward video work during the pandemic, the medium which exploring now. Debut as a recording artist with her album in 1988 from Sony Records Start singing at a young age, with an all-star creative team including producer David Foster, a duet with Paul Anka, and more. Her elegantly polished voice breathes through the range of music and lifestyle, all from diverse cultural backgrounds. Relocated to Los Angeles from Tokyo Japan in 2011. Established own new vocal style with Zen meditation healing property, REIKI CHANT. Influenced by her mother REIKI MASTER, trained Japanese Traditional Noh ( Dance and Singing), and Portuguese music ( First western culture to Japan)

BIO: Improvisational performance by Johanna Yukiko Haneda & Maksim Velichkin HEARTBEAT INK Inspired by the improvisational performance into a storytelling theatre style. video work. Locked up feeling in the pandemic, social disconnection. Eager to come out from the wall she built, Open the door the history locked. Express undescribable emotion in improvisational music. ARTIST’S WEBSITE