Julija Zebra Janiuliene (Vilnius, Lithuania): The wind

  • 9 Apr 2023 9 pm UTC
  • dur 30 min

At the one moment I see Your face, and at the next moment the wind will carry You.

I am Julija Zebra Janiuliene, an artist, a muralist, an illustrator, an art teacher and a restaurator from Vilnius, Lithuania. I have been read, that You are looking for a muralists to paint the exterior of a Centr Pompidou. I think, my style can be very good to decorate this fasade. I have a unique Zebra style – in illustrations, murals and etc. – black and white linear drawings, transitioning into abstract energetic designs with a little touch of colour. Human being don\’t see all the colours, that are on the earth. we don\’t see like a bee, a snake or a dog. We just see small spectrum of it. We don\’t see ultraviolet or infrared waves. The same with the souds – we here just a little part of the sounds. Intuitively I am painting an energy, which is between us, in us, it is in all the space. We all are connected with that energy. And human beeings, and animals, insects, flowers and all in the earth and space between the planets. It is the same whole energy. That\’s what about my work is. I think, my works can be a fresh air in Art world. I passionate what i do because my works are very lively and moving like music o a soul. ARTIST’S WEBSITE