Ledoh / Salt Farm (San Francisco, USA): COLORMEAMERICA

  • watch: 29th September 2019 at 6pm UTC
  • duration: 53min

COLORMEAMERICA, a project of Creative Capital. Presented by the ODC Theater at the Project Artaud Theater and Joyce Soho, New York, NY.
“For The Record, Dancers Debate the Body Politic”Gia Kourlas, “The Darker Colors of Patriotism”NYTimes, April 15, 2011
Rachel Howard, San Francisco Chronicle Dance Correspondent: “Though you can point to the work’s trappings to explain its success, with its hip and ear-teasing electronic score by Matthew Ogaz, and its gorgeous video by Perry Hallinan, the heart of “Color Me America” is in the movement. Ledoh, born in Burma, is trained in butoh, that apocalyptic post-World War II Japanese form where focused physical intention is all, where the performer’s roiling facial expressions expose the emotional inauthenticity of our typical existence. Here, he channels butoh’s essence without ever falling into its cliches.

BIO: Ledoh is an internationally-renowned multi-media performance artist.  Ledoh trained in Japan under Butoh Master Katsura Kan (member of the radical 70s collective BYAAKOSHA), and has since electrified audiences around the globe for over 15 years with his riveting solo and ensemble performances.  Born into the Ka-Ren hilltribe, Ledoh came to America at age 11 to escape the oppression of his people by the brutal dictatorship holding power in Burma. As Artistic Director of SALT FARM, Ledoh choreographs with a raw movement vocabulary and directs the production of sets, video art, and musical scores to create a vital, visceral brand of live theater and site-specific installations that can soothe then shock within the span of a timeless moment. ARTIST’S WEBSITE