Lena Sholokhova (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek): Becoming. Transformation.

  • 5 May 2023 1 am UTC
  • dur 2 min

2.22 minutes of documentation of a 3-day performance in the Swiss Alps. The visually light video art hides the physically and ideologically intense work of the artist\’s ascent to the 3 mountain peaks of 2000-2800 m, imitating the process of \”embedding\” into the landscape by the action of the art object. Through her actions, the artist comprehended the concept “Gap between Image and Reality”, obtained empirically in 2019 also in the mountains. Intense body work, deep breathing and performative movements activate consciousness, which is also our body, passing perceptual flows and insights through itself, starting the process of subjectivation, formation and transformation. The assembly of the concept is not just metaphorical statements about the world from an assumed external position, it is a living and breathing reconfiguration of the world. Thinking has never been an incorporeal or exclusively human activity. Rejecting logocentrism, the artist entered the realm of animism, opening up to space, allowing herself to be seduced by curiosity, being in touch with the landscape, comprehending performatively, taking time to feel.

Lena Sholokhova, the curating artist, is Russian, but lives and works in Kyrgyzstan. She graduated from the Higher School “Sreda obuchenia”, the Faculty of Contemporary Art and the Moscow Anthropological School, the laboratory “How to Weave New Materialism: Quantum Ontologies.” Works in various media: photo, video, painting, art objects. Participant of group exhibitions in Moscow, for example, in the left wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery, CubeMoscow, CCi Fabrica. The main theme of artistic practice is the disclosure of the problems of the concept “Gap between image and reality”, through the prism of feminism and onto-epistemology.