Leonardo Sinopoli (Florence, Italy): 331

  • watch: 17th August 2020 at 11pm UTC
  • duration: 200min

331 is not just a performance, it is a denunciation, a scream, a request for equal rights for the T * community. Over the past months, I memorized 331 dates and full names of transgender people killed in the past year. I will write these dates and names one at a time, letter by letter on a 10 meter long canvas, creating a large calendar. 331 transcribed names, among who knows how many other unreported victims who currently remain anonymous. Behind me, the audience has a list that specifies the cause of death for each person killed. The intent is to spark a reaction; I am not simply writing a list of names, I wish to commemorate people in flesh and blood who have been tormented, burned and/or stoned. I wish to bring attention to this historical period in which these crimes must no longer be accepted and can no longer go unnoticed. This act of support aims to bring to light the social inequalities of this demographic. Transgenders are constantly misrepresented in the media, leaving them subject to not only violence of the physical type but also psychological – not to mention the discrimination experienced when attempting to enter the workforce and the overall difficulty in being socially recognized as equal citizens. We need to try harder, we must commit to guaranteeing their protection and basic rights. It is unacceptable that their freedom of expression is denied and that their futile attempts to present themselves openly to their community are constantly met with refusal and violence. Let each of their names serve as a declaration for change. This is for these 331 people, victims of a silent massacre.

BIO: Moved alone in Florence at the age of 16, he will join in the company of dance“Nuovo Balletto di Toscana” for season 2017/2018●Actually he live in Belgrade, Serbia, he’s working for Marina Abramovic as aperformer for the last Marina’s retrospective,The Cleaner, from 20 september2019 to 21 January 2020●From 20 September 2018 to 20 January 2019 he is a performer of MarinaAbramovic. He worked in “The Cleaner” at Palazzo Strozzi, he is already workedwith mature content.●He partecipated at two workshop of Abramoic’s method with Linsey Peisinger●He created three shows between dance and performance debuting on12/07/2019.●From 8 May to 2 June he worked as a dancer at Teatro La Fenice in Venice for“Aida” of Giuseppe Verdi.●He studied for 4 years at Balletto di Toscana with important teachers ofcontemporary, classic, modern dance and hip hop●He will join in 2 sperimental contemporary work for Anticorpi XL with Nicola Galliin “De Rerum Natura” and with Daniele Albanese.●He is a musical person, he played piano when he was child.●He is volounteer for lgbqi* right and he participated in a European exchange in aproject that spoke about Syrian Refugees guys