Liyu Xue 薛李煜 (Los Angeles, USA): 60s,24h

  • 26 Mar 2021 4am UTC
  • dur 6min

60s, 24h captures the ongoing action of two performers and geometries inhabited in the phones. Enabled by the AR technology, the work considers the embodied simulations and creates different ideas of the bodily presence. The Phantom geometries are the restless mediators between the bodily presence of two performers, the reality and virtual space. Revealing the ways in which action, object understanding can change interpersonal and spatial experience during the performance. It is a process that is not concerned with making sense of that choreography sequence are executed, Instead, sense is made when performers correctly perform the mapped actions within their phones and subsequent performance of the bodies. 60s, 24h attempts to expand our understanding of what performance means outside of conscious thought or intentionality, and speculate a new way of performance making that extended far after the face-to-face encounter, into a murkier realm of chemical pathways and electric impulses of the brain and body.

BIO: Liyu Xue is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Using an array of media including video, performance, and photography, he explores the performative nature of the bodily presence. Liyu also invests in consciousness and mixed reality study, where he finds new perspectives and evidence to think about the mind-body connection and the embodiment. He received a master of architecture degree from Pratt Institute, where he also studied performance and photography. ARTIST’S WEBSITE