Marielle Gonier (Paris, France): Performing Land – Performance 1

  • watch: 24th October 2020 at 3pm UTC
  • duration: 20min

Performance 1 is one of the video-performances from the Performing Land project created by Marielle Gonier. ” Nature offers us vast and unique areas. Unlike performing on stage, nature is not about an imposed decor, but a suggested place with a real living soul and it breaths. Several axes of reading are possible there. You would have to learn to sharpen your gaze to perceive them distinctly. ” The approach of the Performing Land is to show how the performer can be mentally and physically nourished, influenced by the energy of the land, while going through the processes of exploration and experimentation. In those steps of being, the human body is considered as a material that is derived from nature, as an organic matter, also as a visual material which is capable of giving shapes and volumes an aesthetic representation.

BIO: After an introduction to dance and a strong musical education at the conservatory (6 years of piano studies, music theory and participation in competitions), Marielle left her native island for the United States to complete her artistic education. In New York, she pursued her studies in classical dance at the Russian Ballet School and in Broadway, perfecting her skills in contemporary, African and jazz dance. After this enriching experience, her High School Diploma in hand, she reached Paris, determined to follow her passion for Performing Arts. There, she pursued her education at the School of Ballet Goube and at the International Academy of Dance: classical dance, contemporary dance, modern jazz and New-Jack, theater and musicals. This while learning to assist filmmaking. Her stage experience: shows at the Folies Bergères (Paris), Opéra Rock (Noé) at the Opéra de Compiègne directed by Pierre Jourdan, Ballet (Comme à Vienne) at the Opéra Comique directed by Jérôme Savary. As a dancer she will than tour in Greece, Switzerland, Guyana etc. She is regularly conducts performances, staging and scenography. She also graduated in performing arts from Paris VIII University. Actually, she s preparing a new creative concept of performances and happenings in different contexts with her own art industry , UN JOUR/ UNE PERFORMANCE. ARTIST WEBSITE