May Serrano (Teruel, Spain): Nada/Nothing

  • 6 May 2023 2 pm UTC
  • dur 60 min

This performance of mine arises from my need to stop in front of all the content I see on social media. Creating emptiness with the hope that anyone who sees me can stop, breathe…just to BE. A space to reflect on whether we really need so much. 

I am May Serrano, a writer and creator. In 2011, I married myself and started a love revolution. This gave birth to “Yes, I do!” – a movement of women who marry themselves, which inspired the movie “Rosa’s Wedding” by Iciar Bollain. I am the author of “Mom, I’ve started my period”, “I’m marrying myself” and “The climacteric – everything you know about menopause is a lie”. Six years ago, I started swimming in the sea and created the “Orcamaris” group. Over 140 women swim in the Cantabrian Sea at the pace that their bodies dictate. In “Las Bastardas”Performance group, I connect with what I want to say, but struggle to say it. Being part of the group helps me connect and show myself without shame. ARTIST’S WEBSITE