Miguel Angel González (Santa Sofía, Boyacá, Colombia): Suspension

  • 14 Nov 2022 8 pm UTC
  • dur 3 min

We are the species that most affects this planet, even using this electronic medium has a negative impact, large antennas and energy towers that benefit millions of people affect the lives of other beings. It is not our fault, but sadly we are accomplices in a catastrophe that has no turning back. Perhaps the best way that this race of homunculi can contribute is by ceasing to exist. Own will. Offering to the cosmos to fulfill the cycles. Sooner or later our energy proliferates to unimaginable times.

I am a visual artist and cultural manager. Beyond the artistic medium, I use art as an excuse to reach reflections related to identity and power, based on violence and drug trafficking. I try to crack in my context through empathy, using my research discourse as a bridge in human formation processes. ARTIST’S WEBSITE