Milind Bhanji (Pune, India): Buddhas Way – INDIA

  • 6 May 2023 1 pm UTC – postponed
  • dur 60 min

My artistic experimentation, and aesthetic experience are conveyed through his conceptual paintings in various media. My watercolor painting style is fluid, transparent, realistic, creating the moods and aesthetic feels to the audience. My Paintings elaborate on Indian culture, human figures, ancient temples and architecture of India.

“My painting gives the aesthetic, emotional and objective experience to my audience” Milind Bhanji as professional conceptual painting and plein air watercolor artist from INDIA. Milind Bhanji has achieved National, International awards, exhibition participations, art workshops with numerous awards, certificates, mementos and more… He has recognized with national, international honors for his paintings, and giving aesthetic experience on the walls of many private and IT Industry and Corporate collectors. His Paintings elaborate on Indian culture human figures, ancient temples architectures of India. ARTIST’S WEBSITE