Nancy Görlach, Yağmur Taçar (Berlin, Germany/Dubai, UAE): Close – Up

  • 20 Dec 2021 5pm UTC
  • dur 5min

Nancy Görlach(DE) and I, Yağmur Taçar(TR/UAE), are two independent performance artists who met online at a workshop during the pandemic lockdown in our base countries. We decided to collaborate in a performative video as a means of our getting to know each other as well as creating an intimacy, in a medium where we have no touch, smell or taste but only hearing and sight. In “Close-up”, we used our mobile phones to examine our own skin, where we put the two most basic communica- tion tools, the mobile phone and the body together and in contrast. Our performance video suggests an alternative intimacy between two women’s bodies, that one asks questions and the other gives answers to questions that she does not know yet. We believe the most direct way of showing the true self within a video performance in order to create an honest and direct communication with one another is to show the nude body, including all its “flawed”, “shamed” and “unloved” parts. We challenged ourselves individually to create two plea- surable monologues accepting, loving, normalizing, ques- tioning, defining, exploring our bodies, that resulted in a pleasurable dialogue, a mutual, transformative and simultaneous experience. This became the beginning of our friendship as well as our first collaboration which later on continued with performative letters to each other. The video format is vertical (16:9) as it is intended to be watched on mobiles.


BIO: Yağmur Taçar (born in Ankara, Turkey) is a designer and an artist. She studied industrial design at Middle East Technical University where she initiated her early performance art and multimedia work. She took part in Mamut Art Project Istanbul with her first solo piece in 2017 and she participated in Venice International Performance Art Festival following that in the same year with solo, duo and group performances. She worked with international artists along with Performance Art Studies, as a part of Performance Art Oslo in 2018. After 2020 lockdown she focused on online performances as well as butoh practice. She is also a part of an online project, Endlessly Performing Art, since the beginning of 2021. Her living experience as an expat in several different countries and being away from her homeland strongly influences her artwork. While being interested in diverse disciplines that come together around performance art, she explores the political presence of her body mostly via live, online, site-specific and collaborative performances. Nancy Görlach (born in Arnstadt, Germany) is a Performance Artist and Painter. She participitated already early in various performative productions and this shaped and fostered her emerging artistic career and thinking about physical movement as artistic expression. 2005 she moved to Berlin where she worked as an assistant director and co-director in various theater productions. In addition to theater, she also began to explore the medium of painting, there she focuses on surrealistic sceneries, inspired by landscapes in which nature reclaims its rights. 2011-2017 she was an active member of the artist community Blo-Ateliers as well as the art factory HB55 in Berlin Lichtenberg. Some of her works have been exhibited in Berlin, Paris and Portugal. She also continued to be active in the theater and 2010 her directorial work, Dream of a Ridiculous Man, by Dostoyevsky was shown of the, Art and Culture Festival 48h Neukölln. 2013 her performative Room Installation, The White Room, took part of the \”Plural Festival\” at Atelierhof Kreuzberg. Since 2019 she completed a theater directing degree at a Film Acting School Berlin. 2021 she has participated in, 404: future not found (Corona Special), an performative Installation from Theater Macht Staat which took place at the Brotfabrikbühne Berlin and the, Festival for Freunde, in Dahnsdorf/Germany. She took part in the music video, Still the Same, by the musician Princess Century. She is also a part of the international project Endlessy Performing Art since the beginning of 2021.