Ọlọ́runjedálọ Concepts (Lagos, Nigeria): Where Rhythm Lives

  • 23 Sept 2021 12pm UTC
  • dur 10min

It is said that every human lives with a natural rhythm inside of them, and it\’s also an unknown fact that humans don\’t know the power of what they carry about. “Where Rhythm lives” is an engaging performance that is set to connect every human with too the powerful African percussion music, narrating human connectivity to music and sound. This is an experimental performance that helps every human to identify the natural metronome we all have in our daily lives, not forgetting that the human heartbeat is working with the natural metronome in unconscious ways.

BIO: Is an inspired drummer and a curator, A young gifted performance Artists from a very humble ghetto upbringing in Bariga Lagos-Nigeria rising against all odds with contact focus on developing his talent, and this has created opportunities for him. His works are focused on societal developments, not neglecting his homeland and the global space political crisis. He studied performance Art from the Footprints of David’s Art Academy where he was trained under the guardianship of Mr. Seun Awobajo the Founder and Artistic director. He has honed his skills at an early age, creating and experimenting with several theater companies, including Crown troupe of Africa, Footprints of David art academy, Drums view Concepts, and Tantoloun productions. His annual Djembe Jam Session has added more importance to the art of music making, dedicated to train and equip young players and ultimately improving and sustaining the art of drumming within his arts community. He is known for his mastery and infusion of African percussive sounds into urban Afro pop music which has earned him lots of recommendation within and outside the Creative Art industry. Using the artistic artistry of the African tradition and its street culture, I engage my environment. Through improvisational Art Experimentation, I often look for avenues to create the unexpected, an ironic twist to images or things you might expect or their combinations. Provoking the audience to new and perhaps unexplored territories. I like to explore cultures, do projects across borders creating performances in an unconventional space so that those who can’t access our performances can also experience art, even in their locality.