One Two Many Collective (Budapest, Hungary): Restlesslegs_online

  • 7 May 2023 7 pm UTC
  • dur 60 min

We are restless, we want to create, we want to participate, we want to prove to ourselves and each other that we do enough, that we are enough. We have restless bodies, we can’t sit still, we need to climb, jump and tumble. Keep moving, keep exploring, never stop. We have restless legs, that won’t let sleep come easy. An urge to yawn but in our bodies that creeps, pulls, crawls and buzzes through us as soon as we slow down. In this new circus creation the five creators share their personal connection to this inner urge. They are connected by a single rope, that helps or hinders them to reach higher. Our restlessness is a double edged sword that seems ever more present in our rapidly accelerating world. In the online version of the performance, the viewer can choose from which perspective would watch the performance: from the top of the rope or rather by someone standing on his/her shoulders. Artists are our avatars.

One more trick, another skill, a new character, a performance to add. Together they bring many faces and abilities to the stage, sharing a passion for contemporary circus and street performance. One Two Many was formed in 2022 as a collaboration between Sophie Zoletnik, Marton Csuzi and Lennart Paar after having worked on several projects together over the previous years. Marton brings a wealth of experience from contemporary dance and parkour while Sophie and Lennart contribute with a background of new circus, partner and aerial acrobatics, as well as object manipulation. The vision of the young company is to bring together the many different talents of the three performers as well as connect the still mostly separate performance and movement disciplines in Hungary. Creating, promoting and enabling shows that bring together experimental ideas but are at their core entertaining, spreading a love for movement and creativity. ARTIST’S WEBSITE