opaf10_Ayshia Taskin

Ayshia Taskin (Falkirk, United Kingdom): Fold
  • duration: 10 min
  • watch: 6th December 2018 at 7pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: A performance concerned with the visual poetry of human body, its development, subjectivity, unison, fluidity and a continuance. ‘Fold’, an endeavour based on the process of embryonic folding. This performance works with varying forms of representation regarding the human body. One part is emotive, instinctual, and human. Another part considers the methodological and ritualistic approach within biology – the formation of the human body and the sharing of this phenomena.

BIO: Central themes surrounding my work involve everyday-ness and the beauty present within the mundane yet magic-like elements of life. I articulate ideas by exploring cultural, biological processes, emotional, mental and physical contrasts, subsistence, power structures and how they interconnect and weave the fabric of society and politics. ARTIST’S WEBSITEAyshia-Taskin-fold