OPAF11_Alexander Chaves V

Alexander Chaves V (Heredia, Costa Rica): Golden Caribien  GOLDEN CARIBEAN 2019
  • duration: 30 min
  • watch: 30th March 2019 at 9 pm UTC


The action consists of digesting and eating a bunch of bananas covered with gold dust, the same gold as the Golden Caribeabean. The United Fruit Company (1899), known as the Octopus or the Yunai in Costa Rica, is established in the Caribbean region, where the Afro-American culture of the country lives, the place was called the GOLDEN CARIBBEAN because of the fruit that this multinational, tropical fruits especially (Banana), grown in Latin America. This multinational was during the twentieth century the political and economic strength of the region, “the gold of the Caribbean.”

BIO: Alexander Chaves Villalobos (Costa Rica), is an artist who resides and works in Costa Rica, visual artist, performance art and professor of visual arts, has done his studies at the National University of Costa Rica, (UNA), at the School of Art and Visual Communication, continued with his studies in the Istitud superieur des beux arts france besancon. Some of his most important exhibitions: Solo exhibition La réforme de l`objet- ISBA-Besancon-France. (Sculpture -Performance) France, Exhibition Femmes et hommes Carrrefouer, Tous les printemps su monde, Gymnase-Espace Culturel. Université de Franche-Comté france.Exhibition Mayinca 7 – Lola Fernandez Gallery Costa Rica -Exhibition Sumarte, Mars, Museum of Modern Art of San Salvador- Art Exhibition in May, Museum of Modern Art Carlos Mérida .Guatemala – Contemporary art exhibition in the Galleria d art della contemporary show Rosa Didonna Via Ugo Foscolo, (Bari) Italy.- Collective Exhibition Union of Central American Sculptors – G & T Intercontinental Foundation, Guatemala.- her work belongs to the book Contemporary Art-Between Centuries, Museum of Modern Art Carlos Mérida, Guatemala . And the book of young artists international art by Flamantes Spain, and the book of the Union of Sculptors of Central America. In addition to the collective exhibition of Costa Rican artists Abula Urbis & Artseún, Ruado Barao, Lisbon, Portugal.- Performance Exhibition: Collective, The body in Delirio, Festival des Beaux Arst – I’Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besancon, france . III Ceramic Biennial. Cultural Institute of Mexico, San José CR. Prizes: 2016: Collective Exhibition At the Art Festival in May – Rozas Botran Foundation – Honorable Mention for the work art -object “Superstition” 2014: Collective exhibition of pre-Columbian ceramics in the current imaginary, Museums of the Central Bank of Costa Rica- Mention of honor with the work “Tripod with supports of coca-cola bottles” 2013: Exhibition of Plastic Arts Contest, in commemoration of the 19th Anniversary of the Costa Rican Center for Science and Culture, San José. First Place, with the work “The more I learn, the less I know” .2011: II Visual Arts Biennial “Conjunctions”. Costa Rican Art Museum, San José. Award for meritorious work for the work “Calero”. Chaves is part of the Association of Visual Artists of Costa Rica (ACAV), is also part of the National Association of Costa Rican Sculptors (ANESCO) and member support performance art and infr’action-festival international d ‘art performance. He is currently preparing his next solo exhibition for this 2019, it will be exhibited at the Solera Botica Cultural Center in Costa Rica and in the Municipality of Guatemala City. ARTIST’S WEBSITE