Cor.da (Rome, Italy): Strade

  • watch: 7th July 2019 at 7:30pm UTC – canceled
  • duration: 20min

The life of two dancers can take endless roads. New places that become familiar and then part of your living. There are many experiences during the long artistic journey that you decide to undertake: each one unique and personal. These choices will create and define first the person then the artist. The roads that can be chosen are as infinite as the interactions between bodies that occur during the most important moment: the last moment, the final outcome: the performance. The bodies meet, attract or repel each other in a mixture of energy and emotions. They can explore different solutions either by physical and/or human contact. Among these many will work other will lead to a poor result. The body and empathy are investigated through the relationship with other, looking for new points of support, hooks, joints, levers, abandonment of weight and strength. These are just some of the aspects that we analyze in our work. Starting from the idea to create a performance using the most sensitive material in nature: the human body. The work involves the development of an initial intuition: the repetitiveness of the gesture. Repetitiveness that leads to a status of hypnosis, to a “non-movement”. To support this, we tried to always keep in mind the idea of the circle. The circle is a figure without angles that allows a continuous and fluid movement. It consents to find a constant balance while placing itself in diametrically opposite situations. At the same time inside the circle there is the figure of the triangle which otherwise presents angles that draws lines to follow. The angles represent the strengths and turning points that each of us must face in relation to the others before we can find its balance. The two dancers will constantly find themselves playing between these opposites. Thanks to the merge and the sinergy of the two performers, it was possible to create a unique and personal work that tries to bring the viewer into another dimension, where repetitiveness becomes change, confrontation becomes encounter and roads converge.

BIO: Simone Zitelli is an italian dancer and choreographer born in 1982 in Rome. His artistic training extends froml ballet to contemporary dance. He began his training at “Renato Greco Dance School” studying with teacher such as Lia Calizza, Laura Fanetti, Tiziana Carano, Adriano Vecchio, Cristina Menconi. He graduated from Accademia Nazionale di Danza with a Master degree in Contemporary Dance. In 2014, he worked as choreographer assistant in “Prologo a Jack Vettriano” by Marika Vannuzzi for the Het National Ballet. The next year he created in collaboration with the dancer Francesca Formisano, the choreography “INTRA” performed at the Teatro Greco in Rome. As a freelance choreographer, Simone received the award “Premio Maximova” as a young choreographer for his work “Momenti Sospesi”. In the same year, he participated in several competition such as “Premio Abbado” (Ministero della cultura Italiana) and Premio delle Arti arriving as a finalist in the choreography section in both competitions. In 2017 he works and collaborates as a choreographer at the Bologna Dance Theater Company “Teatro dei Servi Disobbedienti” in the plays “Fimmina Morta” and “Marì”, touring in Sicily,Lazio and Emilia Romagna. In 2019 , he created the choreography “Senza suono” for the young dancers of the Venice Biennale . As a performer he works for the renowned artists on the international art scene such as Mario Piazza in the opera “Ghetto” (Rome), Theater Company “La Chapliniana”, Ricahrd Haisma (New York), “White Cloud Opera Company” and “Kitonb Extreme Theater”.