OPAF4_Carte Blanche Performance

Carte Blanche Performance (Brooklyn NY, USA)
Ox Prowl (duration 4 min)
Watch: 15th May 2017 at 4pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: On July 21, 2016 as part of Friends of the High Line’s first-ever Up Late event on the High Line, visitors were invited to roam the park after-hours and be transported as dancers, musicians, and visual artists illuminated the park with installations, participatory performances, and endless hidden surprises. With Ox Prowl, mysterious dancers in giant glowing lanterns guided people through the park; participants enjoyed moments of intimate encounters and spontaneous performances. Carte Blanche Performance is a Brooklyn-based contemporary dance company that creates sensual, joyful works in nontraditional spaces, inviting the audience to permeate the performer’s space. Costumes: Asa B. Thornton / Music: Christopher North christophernorth.com / Videography: © 2016 Skilla Productions

BIO: SHANDOAH holds a M.A from London Contemporary Dance School as well as a B.A from Bennington College. Shandoah lives in Brooklyn, NY and has worked and traveled internationally thriving as an artist who loves interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration. Shandoah gives herself Carte Blanche as she takes her creative process by storm with complete freedom to create works for both urban & rural landscapes, private events and screen, as these nontraditional venues become her ‘stage’. Artist Website