OPAF4_Gina Ben David

Gina Ben David (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Walking with white Flag -Women Wage Peace , and flyers Mindfulness for Refugees (duration 30min)
Watch: 13th May at 6pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: I will walk on paves Venice city with a flag ( write on Women Wage Peace Organisation  ) and will distribute flayers to the people about project – Mindfulness course at  iternet free for refugees in Arabic Languages

BIO: I am performance artist since 2008 , learn and be in ansamble at Miklat Post  , with Tamar Raban  UNTIL 2014 . Take participe at Croatia festival with Vlasta Delimar at 2011made act- Digging Local Artists in the hole i dig for everyone . Participe at Philipine art exhibition with Jef Carny send fotos from my act for freedom the Israeli Prisioner Gilad Shalit at Hamas Gaza made P[erformance acts with Global Walking Performance Art at Facebook acts- Balance, our weding 44 , walk with Mobius , and the last at 2016 the act-walk barefoot on Galilee sea Beach. Take Part at show in Athene at Cocuyaninse Center , from Jerusalem university theater department , with our show Lisistrata X  2014  , also at Israeli Festival 6/2015. Take Part at Afriperforma Bienalle at Zimbabue by Jelili Atiku , send photos from my act – Refugees I will Take part in a walking Parade with Jelili Atiku at 12/5/17 at opening the Bienalle Venice.