Grace (London, UK)
We demand vegetables, tenderness and trust (duration 15 min)
Watch: May 16th 2017 at 2pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: We will read and interpret our manifesto. The first line: “We demand recognition of our grace which has been hard won over many years on contested ground, not handed to us by approval.” Actions performed include our gaze, our agency, our visibility.

BIO: Grace is a new venture comprised of three woman who identify as older. Grace has considerable expertise. The three artists worked together at Perform Perform in Switzerland last year and devised and ran a Live Art Development Agency funded artist/peer workshop. Through this they found that they had an analytical dynamic, lending itself to a sense of artistic trust. Grace is comprised of Teresa Albor, Ms Demonic Desire (Helena Waters) and Katharine Meynell, although it is the intention of Grace to invite guest artists to collaborate on a regular basis. All three were founding members of Sexcentenary, a collective which came into being in 2015 following Rocio Boliver\’s workshop Between Menopause and Old Age, Alternative Beauty, organised by the Live Art Development Agency for Restock, Reflect, Rethink Three on Live Art and Feminism, and supported by the EU funded Collaborative Arts partnership Programme (CAPP). Artist Website