OPAF4_Jazmin Taco

Jazmin Taco (Bern, Switzerland)
My Barbie (duration 30 min)
Watch: 13th May 2017 at 12pm  UTC

DESCRIPTION: Tittle: My Barbie Subtitle: Open the Box ritual From March – Juli 2016 I had to make an artist break to deal with the Swiss child care instruction. I had a very hard time fighting with these Swiss organisation which finally took my daughter away from me, with the argument that an sexualized artist like my is not able of taking care of a child. My come back as an performance artist was at the 30 of July 2017 with these collaborative piece: Project name: Nude model Country: Switzerland & Germany Date of performance: Samstag, Juli 30, 2016 Joint-Venture Partner: Marcel Goe Place : Cabaret Voltaire Zürich as part of the Manifesta 11, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art. From these performance my artist partner Dimitris Fotiou made a 3D sculpture. Now I have mixed feeling Wich doesn’t let me to open the box because I associate these work with the hard time I had. Thats why I decided to make an open the box ritual in a very special place for me.

BIO: Originally from Ecuador, I have been based in Switzerland since 2001, where I studied Visual Arts at the F+F School of Art and Design in Zürich, Switzerland. My work engages with issues around cultural identity and notions of the body beautiful, and often draws from my own culturally divided background between Switzerland and Ecuador. Through performance, installation and objects, I explore the often paradoxical perceptions of my own body as a (hyper-sexualized) woman, foreigner and migrant. Key themes of recent work have been the role of (my own) lack of German language skills in intercultural exchange, and the perception of normative beauty standards (especially in terms of my own plastic surgery-modified body) in relation to notions of national identity. Artist Website