OPAF4_Larysa Bauge


Larysa Bauge (the Hague, Netherlands)
Why do the wrinkles appear… (duration 20 min)
Watch: 13th May 2017 at 5pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: I believe in poetry of aging. It is nothing but accumulation of changes in the human being: physical, psychological, social. Our bodies become complex maps constantly encompassing traces of our choices and circumstances. I want to follow and highlight those traces. I see a web camera as a unique opportunity of bringing a viewer closer than it is acceptable in a normal live performance. I’d like to make a close-up body choreography, exploring the beauty of constantly changing curves, marks, posture possibilities. By this proclaim the beauty of a present moment and constant change. As emphasizing material for this performance I use transparent plastic, water and chalk.

BIO: Larysa Bauge was raised in Belarus and trained as a classical musician (composer/conductor). Since early age she was interested in experimental music and art, composed her own music and performed internationally with multiple ensembles and orchestras. Since 2010 in parallel with her music work she participates in experimental theater Medea73 and different performance groups as an actor. Since 2014 she directs her own music theater performances and creates performance art pieces. Bauge is currently based in the Netherlands. Artist Website