OPAF4_Natalie Brück

Betwixt And Between – Loosing Ground From Time To Time (duration 8 min)
Watch: 16th May 2017 at 11am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Only on my knees, my body touches a blue carpeted floor. My knees are bent, my upper part of the body lies on my ties quiescent. The head is turned aside and looks into the camera. It floats as close as possible above the ground. I balance. Apparently autonomous, my arms move gestural. The relaxed expression of my face and the partly tense, partly loose gestures of my arms and body are antagonists who claim alternately the full attention for themselves. My hands are clenched to fists – by the end of this state, I pinch them firmly. I remain within this position for a while, before I slowly open my hands and the former, self-forced tension releases itself. This state continues for several moments. Then, I end this situation by slowly laying down my arms, legs and head on the ground. My gaze changes. I regain contact to the here and now. It was a state of being betwixt and between. I wasn‘t really myself but also not not myself. It was a state of being vividly stuck. A program that starts, goes on for several moments and then ends. What are the different parts of my self – and how autonomously do they act? How can I get in touch with them again to influence my behavior.

BIO: Natalie Brück 1989 born in Saarlouis lives and works in Berlin 2008–2014 Hochschule der Bildende Künste Saar 2012 semester abroad at ENSBA Lyon F 2014 – 2016 Akademie der Bildenden Künste München Diplom 2016 class of Gregor Schneider Group Exhibitions 2017 »I Am Just Dancing« (upcoming 14th July – 29th July) FBQ, Berlin »Move Your Homeland« Live Performance, Norwich GBR 2016 »Untitled« Akademie der Bildenden Künste München 2015 »Recommended By« (HAMMAN&VONMIER), easyupstream Galerie, München »The SUMP Show« Brooklyn, New York, US »Jahresausstellung« Akademie der bildenden Künste München »Videonale Parcours« Bonn 2014 » Kunstblick« Saarbrücken »01578-7500686«, Atelier & Galerie 52, Folkwang Universität der Künste, Essen »Diplomausstellung« Hochschule der bildenden Künste Saar scholarships work trip funding to New York through Akademieverein München, 2015 Deutschlandstipendium, 2013 ERASMUS grant for studying at École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux Arts Lyon, 2012 publications Preview, HAMMANN&VON MIER Verlag, 2015 Katalog zur Videonale Bonn, 2015 Artist Website