OPAF4_Sandro Masai

Sandro Masai (Aalborg, Denmark)
SYMPHONY #2 (duration 30 min)
Watch: May 14th at 3pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Remote Participatory Performance This is an experimental performance using the internet as a site-specific for the happening. The performer offers his moving body as the music score for improvisation in real time and anywhere in the world to form this symphony. Hopefully, the sound pieces will find each other at some point somewhere and form the harmony. Maybe the musical meeting of the sounds will happen far from the musicians participating, maybe you can listen your neighbour at the same time you play or sing, or maybe you will record your improvisation and share with the other participants online.

BIO: Sandro Masai is a Brazilian performance artist, multimedia artist and interaction designer who has been living in Denmark since 2007. He holds a Bachelor degree of ‘Art and Technology’ from Aalborg University and a Master degree of ‘Interaction Design’ from Design School Kolding, both in Denmark. He works with interactive artworks and theatrical performances. He often combines the different art forms. He has worked in collaboration with several international artists in many countries, such as Brazil, England, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. His performances include acting in movies, theatre plays, modern dance, butoh dance and performance art. Artist Website