OPAF5_Alex Mari + Myani Guetta

Alex Mari + Myani Guetta (Seattle, USA): Haptic Delay (make it work)
  • duration 60 min
  • Watch: 12th August 2017 at 4 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Conceptually, Haptic Delay (make it work) highlights and praises the queer + womxn of color body/experience by examining queer ecologies—the idea that there is a need for societal reorganization to better fit the needs of those marginalized in our current system/environment. By experimenting with maladaptive practices via sound and sensory manipulation, Haptic Delay (make it work) attempts to provide adequate, appropriate or absurd adjustments to teaching within a new system by providing (the artists) with a flux of choices and tasks that will consistently alter the live visual and sound piece. We invite a digital global audience to witness and take part in topics of the queer experience such as intimacy, grief, loss, sexuality, vulnerability, genderfucked, sensuality, and trust during our representative experiences, wanderings, and challenges during the performance.

BIO:Alex Mari + Myani Guetta are experimental artists currently producing work in Seattle, Washington. Alex’s work explores performance art including video, conceptual art, street intervention, sound and live installation. Her work has been shown in galleries across Atlanta and in several international festivals including the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival. Myani works primarily in electronic music arts ranging from genres of dark techno, mood pop, and experimental female vocal. She’s performed at Kremwerk and Cairo at Prism in Seattle. Together, their sets conjoin sound and performance art that looks to the femme-nonbinary-queer body in concert and conversation with ephemerality, digital documentation, tasks and instructions, objects, and limitations of stage and audience. ARTIST WEBSITE