OPAF5_Alexandra Holownia with group Ulisses

Alexandra Holownia with group Ulisses (Berlin, Germany): Ulisses
  • duration 10 min
  • Watch: 10th August 2017 at 8 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The idea of this performance “Ulisses” is James Joyces dream about the power of sex. Performance showing the megalomania dreams, nightmares. Impotence and subjection of partners, the unconscious , the power of sexual drive, the power of creation. A madman is playing with his penis. All the others are spying after the madman, pinching and pushing him. Nobody says nothing. Dancing creatures come up with disgusting sounds. Joyce\’s ghost is permanently present on stage Costumes made from colored linen show parts of human bodys : mouth, eye, nose, hand, penis, breasts give the actors the opportunity to play with them. However, they can also be issued as independent elements.

BIO: Alexandra Holownia based Berlin; was born in Wrzesnia Polen. Degree in stage design and costume design at the Academy of Fine Art in Poznan and postgraduate at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. Also degree postgraduate in art in context at the Art University in Berlin (UdK). Working as interdisciplinary conceptual artist and made actions in public space, performance, stage design, costumes, sculptures, drawings, video, text, lectures. Alexandra Holownia as \”living sculpture – Alexandra Fly\” refers to tabus in the popular culture , on gender roles in religion, sexuality, education and education. Calls for socio-political tolerance, acceptance of human rights and freedom of sexual self-determination. Performances selection from 2007 to 2017: 2007 Art to You-Museum Friedricianum Kassel, open space, documenta 12, Germany 2007 Art Forum Berlin, Art Fair 21 in Köln, Fein Art Köln, Germany 2008-2017 Art Basel, Art Forum Berlin, ABC Berlin, Art Frieze London, Art Paris, FIAC-Paris; Art Bruessel, Venice Biennale, walking Performance 2013 Antiform, Performance Festival, Königswinter/Bonn, Germany 2014 Performance Festtival Kolo Czasu; Center for Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu Torun, Poland 2016 Cabaret Voltair Manifesta 11 Zurich; Swiss 2016 GZ Art Fair Basel 2016, Swiss 2016 Venice Art Hause Gallery, Venice, Italy. ARTIST WEBSITE