OPAF5_Campbell Mcconnell


Campbell Mcconnell (London, UK): Tennis Catch Phrases
  • duration 5 min
  • Watch: 10th August 2017 at 3 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: This is a performance that involves myself dressed as an over – exaggerated tennis player. I am constantly hitting and keeping up a tennis ball with a tennis racket. While this happens, I am simultaneously and occasionally shouting out tennis catch phrases and slogans. A Ball boy and a ball girl will be side by side to me constantly tossing a tennis ball from their right hand to their left hand. There will be some set design, tennis props and a back-drop image of a Wimbledon tennis court. The performance will last for five minutes.

BIO: Campbell Mcconnell lives and works in London. Mcconnell works in but is not limited to mixed media and performance. The Questioning of consumerism and the relationship between art and entertainment is often important in performance works. Humor is sometimes used as a tool in order to foil the more serious underlying undertones with in the art. Language, communication and absurdity are themes that run throughout most works. Some of the works create a lie within the art, or a false vision, these works use many different truths to create a new, combined truth. ARTIST WEBSITE