Ishita (Mumbai, India): In the darkest of the dark night I seek you

  • Duration: 15 min
  • Watch: 1st December 2017 at 11:30am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Its very autobiographical work and its in form of performance video. It is based on the recent experiences I had in my life which moved me and I wasn’t able to withstand it. Yet I am surviving and striving. The loss of someone or someone very near to you goes away from your life suddenly and the pain it causes is tremendous.

BIO: Born and brought up in India, Ishita’s art explores her sexuality and stigmatized status as a single woman in a conservative society. Her work draws from personal experiences of being socially constrained, judged, and isolated. It portrays the resilience of a woman attempting to break free from the shackles of religious virtuosity. The art in itself is a means to self-expression. While the past is gone and the present is unwelcoming, the future is a place of belonging, acceptance and self-fulfillment. Ishita holds a post-graduate degree from the Chelsea College of Art, London. Her time in London, while pursuing her Masters, has greatly influenced her way of thinking, and altered her very being, directly reflected in her work. While her early work was composed mainly of abstract paintings, she is now challenging herself to explore new media and venture into unknown territories. Her upcoming work involves live performance, her first experience of public performance, where she hopes to overcome her long-held stage fright. Here the artist is the subject – a perfect embodiment of her themes. Natasha Maru