Endam Nihan (Orlando, USA): Reading with Endam Nihan
  • duration: 60 min
  • watch: 11th February 2018 at 1 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: I am proposing to perform a live translation of a thematically linked constellation of stories about femicide and abuse of women in Turkey that do not, for a number of socio-political reasons, receive appropriate coverage from state and mainstream media. These stories are culled from a number of feminist media organizations, personal blogs, NGOs, private Facebook groups, WhatsApp group messages, Tumblr, etc. This act of live translation transfigures these fragments of distant stories into a new, communal and performative experience.

BIO: Edam Nihan is a Turkish performance and video artist currently based in the US. She creates single channel works as well as multi-channel installations, image essays and objects. Her work critically and humorously discloses collaborations between contemporary images of daily life, female representation, emerging technologies and pop cultural forms of consumption and circulation. ARTIST WEBSITE