OPAF7_Yusuf Durdola

Yusuf Durdola (Laos, Nigeria): Boju Bayeju
  • duration: 60 min
  • watch: 9th February 2018 at 3:30 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: We all survive on sacrifices of others. Every action has its consequences and every touch leaves a mark that may culminate into a landmark. Today’s reactions is an afterglow of the sacrifice made in the past. This piece is centred on the act of trust, belief and sacrifice to humanity. Its content was generated from the selfless life style as exemplified by a renowned Nigerian painter – Kolade oshinowo.

BIO: Yusuf Durodola is a Nigerian base visual artist whose practice covers different forms of art. His work discusses issues surrounding human existence and environment. He acquired his artistic training from both Federal College of Education and University of Lagos, Nigeria. His works have been presented in art festivals and seminars.