OPAF8_Jack Bernal

Jack Bernal (Barcelona, Spain): Chakai
  • duration: 20 min
  • watch: 22nd April 2018 at 3 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Chakai (tea appointment) is located in a house, in a quiet environment there is a table with several chairs and a window in the background. Sitting in the center there is a person without identity who performs a tea ritual. Through this ritiual we want to represent the search for calm, inner peace, balance, patience… despite the external elements that confuse and unbalance us, with the aim of making everyday life more pleasant, living in harmony with the changes of the seasons, to become an honest and fearless person, to create better human relationships and to have good manners. During the ritual a live music is played, it’s an wooden wind instrument called Duduk that invites us to relax and be at peace, but that is interrupted by noise and disorder, breaking this state of harmony and that will bring a challenge to overcome that imbalance.  Live music : Matías Martínez

BIO: Dance and interpretation were things that came to me first as I thought what I wanted to be when I was older. I understand dance as a means of personal development, knowledge and discipline that has allowed me to tell my story through what I move, what I walk, what I choreograph, what I look…  Without identity and with a great curiosity, on the journey I came across Photography. I believe in it as a tool for reflection and creativity, to provoke thought and which I’m interested in working the movement, body, nature, identity and emotions.  My inability to define me with words led me to recognize me in images, frames, steps, words and poems. My self-portraits sometimes reflect things from me that I am unaware of and allowing me to discover myself better, filling gaps and learning things about me through the inspiration of others as well.  My discretion, isolating feelings of a sick way has been partial and gradually blurring in time to left a little of me captured in each personal project.  All these elements and more that have led me to the exploration of Action Art and Artistic Performance. With a critical character towards themes that turn me, some intimate/biographical character other more social. Combining Photography and Action Art in different variants, I create a Photo-performance. Using the body itself that becomes the artistic medium of my experiences and that I want to provoke thinking and the search for new aesthetic and conceptual concepts. ARTIST WEBSITE