Myroslava (Budapest, Hungary): SOMNIA sound traveling through the sleep cycle
  • duration: 45 min
  • watch: 22nd April 2018 at 10 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Sound performance SOMNIA suppose to take people to the journey of their sleep cycle. Each of us every night unconsciously passing through five different mind stages: from absurd deconstruction and deepest phases to brain hyper wakefulness. The main goal is to give people the same experience which they can take conscious.

BIO: Born 25 years ago in Ukraine. Got MA in sociology and worked couple of years in the office. Then tried theatre for fun. Went so deep into that left everything and in 2017 moved to Budapest, Hungary for one-year theatre project. Started to record noises and compose them, creating sound. For now made one album, two independent tracks, one of those is playing on exhibition in Berlin, Germany. ARTIST WEBSITE