Flávia (Lisbon, Portugal – São Paulo, Brazil): Todas as palavras / A muda. 
  • duration: 120 min
  • watch: 14th July 2018 at 3pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Saying every word i know in my mother tongue till i can no longer continue in exhaustion or till i have nothing more to say.

BIO: Born in São Paulo, Brazil. Studied photography at ICP and performance at PUC-São Paulo. Specialized in Gender Equality in Universidade de Lisboa, is currently enrolled in DAI to begin her master next semester. My current research is based on what lies in the borders of science : rituals, trances, psycophysical exercises, etc, and how those experiences can stimulate our bodies in order to subvert oppressive codes. I´m interested in releasing the surprising, mutable, powerful body we have yet to discover. flavia