opaf9_Geraldo Mercado

Geraldo Mercado (Brooklyn, NY, USA): The Painter 
  • duration: 20 min
  • watch: 14th July 2018 at 9pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: A performance artist attempts to make a painting using his fingers and mouth while pausing periodically to perform physically exhausting actions dictated by a signal.

BIO: Geraldo Mercado is a Brooklyn based Performance and multimedia artist. Born in Yauco, Puerto Rico and raised in Westfield, Massachusetts; Geraldo moved to New York City in 2008 to work as the Video Production Manager at Exit Art, a pioneering Manhattan Art Space that closed its doors in 2012 after thirty years. Having complete access to their digital archives introduced him to the world of performance art. Since then, Geraldo has performed nearly non-stop. As a performance artist Geraldo creates kinetic pieces of art using his body. A good artist uses all of the tools at their disposal, and having been born with a high tolerance for pain, he pushes his body to the limit as a means of exploring identity, empathy, and the cultivation of understanding. His aesthetic is punk rock in its ethos and in the way that he incorporates music, dance, theatricality, and storytelling while not being trained in any of those disciplines at all. Geraldo aims to tell stories with his body and reveal the underlying machinations of performance art as a medium. ARTIST WEBSITE geraldo mercado