Pitouch Company / Evelyn B. (Strasbourg France): Frag.# 3: Approach on the Idea of Suspicion

Frag#3 / SubENG from Evelyn B. / Pitouch Company on Vimeo.

  • 7 Apr 2023 9 pm UTC
  • dur 60 min

Has two awards: first prize for the best staging of the festival and first prize for the innovative nature of the show, highlighting its physical staging, interaction with the space and the audience and for its current theme and social commitment. A project in three motions: Sound, Space and Time. it adapts to all types of architecture Each interpreter has a place or a home in the space. The transparent plastic marks the boundary of everyone\’s home. A table for the video/visual artist and a simple microphone stand for the voice/singer. With a body bathed in honey, which stands for Dunkin Donut\’s, a stretchable plastic bag, clay and loam bags, for a body that leaps like fish out of water, accompanied by flying ashes, assisted by two industrial fans, symbolising Jewish bodies during the Holocaust, red paint projected like whips on naked bodies, showing the scars left behind because of human selfishness, the interpreters wash themselves to the rhythm of Arvo Part\’s \”Magnificat\”, around a trolley in flames, to get rid of the dirt, which has become a spiral of consumption, a feeling of despair of mankind as a reaction to our Society. The characters stem from the imagination of the author. They have no identity, whatsoever. They become everyone. They have no sense of proportion. They are bulldozers that overthrow the normality of things.They tell theirlife story, the way they behave ni society. They do everything we are afraid of doing. They send us back to our impotence and submission. Reality is shaped like amosaic, comprising a multitude ofpieces. The enumeration of events,objects andsentiments lays this reality down flat, the entirety flies ni our face and makes us laugh at the same time, showing us that it is not the end but the beginning of a new life.

Evelyn B. trained as an actress, she si the founder of the Pi-touch company ni Strasbourg, France, and one of the promoters of avant-garde theatre. Since its founding, the company has created at least a dozen plays that she has written and directed, and has received several awards and distinctions. Her creative research ni constant experimentation pursues the expansion of the theater, its languages, its limits and its interactions, including geographical and linguistic, bringing together al artistic expressions on stage, and venturing into the exchange of knowledge, thoughts and creations strongly linked to theatrical and artistic research, building an exchange work between France and Latin America, where her works have been presented. The themes she tackles with her company are the fruit of her observation and concerns about the contemporary world, treated according ot the \”Touch Pitouch\” characterized by its strength, its radicality and even its provocation. Her proposals defy the fourth wal and conventional scenarios, in order to connect the public to handcrafted and more sophisticated scenic technologies that certainly do not leavethem indifferent. ARTIST’S WEBSITE