Puppentheater Zwickau (Zwickau, Germany): What to do with a Problem?

  • 6 Apr 2023 5 pm UTC
  • dur 45 min

This is the story of a problem and a little boy who doesn’t know what to do with it. But the longer he ignores it, the bigger it seems to become. When the little one finally finds the courage to face it, he discovers that the problem is totally different from what he expected.

The Puppet Theater Zwickau is a professional theater for children, young people, and adults. With 70 years of tradition, it is an integral part of the cultural offerings in Zwickau as well as the surrounding area and enjoys high attendance figures. Each season we develop 4 to 5 new productions, which are realized artistically and aesthetically with different forms of staging. Besides the contemporary puppet theater, we stand for innovative ways and venture into new projects, such as our digital division “360° Virtual Puppetry”. ARTIST’S WEBSITE