PYRAMIDKOFI (Johannesburg, South Africa): Trumu Fetish – The Priestess

  • 9 Apr 2023 5 pm UTC
  • dur 120 min

Which supernatural or higher being may Transgender and Non-binary people venerate when God\’s pronouns are His/him? What is the purpose of the body when engaging in forms of spirituality? There is a disconnect between faith and communion for Trans and Non-binary bodies. Trumu fetish is a multidisciplinary artwork that will research, capture, and connect the spiritual sensibility of being Transgender. Trumu Fetish – The Priestess is an artwork exhuming a transgender deity through the sacrifice of the body and cleansing rituals.

Amaqhawekazi Emafini Malamlela (She/They) is a Ghanaian-South African Multidisciplinary Artist. She creates artwork that challenges the norms of identity, sexuality and spirituality. Centred on confronting what is \”present\”. Engage Space-Time through my body and exploration as a form of research. I advocate for the underrepresented groups through art and Pyramidkofi—an Art house dedicated to collaborative art-making.