Raphael Couto (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): Three Pieces

  • 27 Mar 2021 9pm UTC
  • dur 20min

On the screen space, only the chest and abdomen appear, in amber light. With the artist breathing, the ribs and belly move, thinking of the body as a sculpture. Little white objects gradually enter in this \”landscape\”: a sphere, a cube and a pyramid, being moved, removed and put back again according to the balance and imbalances, the composition and resistance of the body.

BIO: Visual Artist and Professor. Master in Arts, reseraches relantionships between body/flash and image, producing performances, videos, photography, objects and texts. Makes performance since 2004, enjoying exibitions and performance festivals all around the world. some works are in important collections, as the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro. In this pandemic times, is part of the collective project ACOCORÉ, making collective performances on video platforms. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ARTIST’S WEBSITE