Rd. Reihan (Bandung, Indonesia): Ur Born – ….

  • 12 Nov 2022 7 pm UTC
  • dur 7 min

How far can we remember memories, memories of the past, childhood, and also when it appears to be born in the world? trying to get into “empty” or “dark,” but it feels bright enough to enter. about the search for childhood memories that are somewhere and can’t be felt but still exist. It has meaning to exist in this world by having a purpose and knowing what its real role is. Memories are sometimes hard to remember, and we even don\’t realize that they are part of our lives\’ history, which I think is important to maintain. What is considered important should be preserved. I listened to my mother\’s story about when I was born through audio recordings. It was from that story that I then tried to reflect with gestures and painting. In trying to respond to what my mother told me, it became a stimulus that gave rise to a pattern of images of the nerves and vessels intertwined in the body that I described through my interpretation. many stories and hopes, of course, addressed to me. This is at least a self-reflection from the beginning of life, when we are aware of seeing the world, until we are no longer in this world. When the story is present, the presence of memory can be felt, and when we have any one story, it can be used as a reflection of life.

Born in Bandung, Indonesia. Currently Study in Film & Television Program at UPI Bandung, ID. I Interested in moving images. I use the medium of film/video and installation to produce my audiovisual works. In my art-research I am passionate about dealing with cultural context and how culture can be interpreted and communicated nowadays. I am also interested in the relationship between humans and their life history and experience which reveals deeper meaning through fragments of life and all its characteristics. I like to observe the phenomena around me or by tragedy. I like experimenting with different materials and media (objects, videos, drawing performances, etc). I am interested in the interdisciplinarity and collaborations to support and empower my art research.