Roland Buckingham-Hsiao (Sunderland, UK): Drawing Breath

  • 7 Apr 2022 12 pm UTC
  • dur 20 min

“Drawing Breath” explores embodiment and mark-making. It is inspired by research into meditative practices and the synchronicity of breathing and strokes in Chinese calligraphy. The rise and fall of performer\’s breath will determine the marks left on a scroll of Xuan paper, as he pulls it across his torso. Part ritual, part durational performance, the line left will be a material record of existence pared down to its most basic element.

As part of my research into embodiment and mark making. I will kneel on the floor practicing breathing meditation – 2 mins Grind the ink for use in the performance – 2 mins Lie on the floor face up, and pull a 20 meter long paper scroll across my lower torso. The paper will rise and fall as I breathe. I will hold a Chinese calligraphy brush (full of ink) steadily and line will be drawn as the paper passes, fatter and thinner according to my breathing. Gradually the mark will become drier as the ink is absorbed – 15 mins When the scroll is finished, more breathing meditation until the end. No one else will be involved on screen. Location – a gallery space, top lit. Date – first full moon of new lunar year, Yuan Xiao festival. ARTIST’S WEBSITE