Sandro Masai and Jens Bugay-Hougaard (Aalborg, Denmark): Dance Traces – Ritualistic Action-painting

  • 19 Dec 2020 7pm UTC
  • dur 60min

Dance Traces – Ritualistic Action-paintings is a series of ten performances to happen between the summer of 2020 and the summer of 2021. It is inspired by the African Yoruba mythology and the paintings are dedicated to the orishas (Yoruba deities). The Yoruba community spans the modern states of Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Sandro applies acrylic paint on large canvas using his own body in direct contact with the paint and the canvas. The paintings style is abstract expressionism and the dance expression is Japanese butoh.

BIO: Sandro Masai is a Brazilian multimedia artist and interaction designer based in Denmark since 2007. He holds a Bachelor degree of ‘Art and Technology’ from Aalborg University and a Master degree of ‘Interaction Design’ from Kolding School of Design, both in Denmark. He also has a background in theatre, modern dance and butoh dance. He works with interactive artworks and theatrical performances. He often combines the different art forms. He has worked in collaboration with several international artists in many countries, such as Brazil, England, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. His performances include acting in movies, theatre plays, modern dance, butoh dance and performance art. Currently, he is in a series of action-paintings.