Sinasi Gunes (Istanbul, Turkey): The New World

  • 28 Jul 2022 5 pm UTC
  • dur 3 min

As a concept, it is human who adds meaning to art. In this case, art is something that exists together human being and is something that will be disappeared by the death of human being. Today, in the world imposed by global capitalism, people and art are dying together. Since our body is controlled with new technologies in our daily lives, we are living the last times of the independent human race. Those with knowledge and others… Humanity is struggling with climate change, nuclear war threats, migration and epidemic diseases. And will continue to… In this new digital age, the family needs to be protected and individuals should be get rid of consumption pathology. This is only possible with a healthy society, where even eating is an art. If we become a society that takes control of its own future, we can get out of this vortex. All we need is to get rid of our ego and be in unity and solidarity. For this, the society must have an organized structure. As a matter of fact, the welfare of social life will be realized by the society having a particular artistic culture. With independent people and art!

Güneş was born in 1968 and lives & works in Istanbul. Having completed his Master at Marmara University, Fine Art Faculty, Department of Sculpture in 1992, he works across different disciplines such as installation, painting, video art, mail art, street art, sculpture and photography. He exhibits his works internationally, nationally, and in regional museums and galleries. He also curated the Audio-Video Art Festival “Obsession” in 2005 and “Visitors” International Video Art Activity in 2010. He has published a variety of books such as “Cruises”, “New York and Cheving gum” ,“Street Art” ,“Mail Art”.. Şinasi Güneş is based in Istanbul, Turkey. ARTIST’S WEBSITE