Sue Pam Grant & Kevin Smith (South Africa): Duel/Duet; The Every Love Story

Sue Pam Grant (South Africa): Even Further Away
  • watch: 1st April 2020 at 2pm UTC
  • duration: 7 h 39 min

Duel/ Duet : The Every Love Story A Durational Performance / Encounter with Sue Pam-Grant and Kevin Smith. The Duel / Duet of Eros & Thanatos…. Is Desire the antidote to Death? Transdisciplinary artist, Sue Pam-Grant and Theatre Maker Kevin Smith, embark on a Seven hour 39 min live Discourse/ Encounter/Performance that asks the question ‘Is Desire the antidote to Death’? The encounter investigates Sue Pam-Grant’s transdisciplinary drawing practice that explores desire, identity, loss and the duality of our two drives, Eros and Thantos as they manifest through the creative impulse.

This performance is in partial fulfillment of my Master of Arts in Fine Arts (MAFA) degree.

Collaborators: Gerrit Schoonhoven Greg Maqoma
Videographer Noah Cohen
Performed at William Kentridge’s The Centre For The Less Good Idea Johannesburg South Africa

BIO: I am a trans disciplinary artist- I explore drawing as an expanded practice – most notably as performative text.In this Encounter I am asking the question whether Desire is the antidote to death . My work explores identity, loss , desire and he duality of our two drives Eros and Thanatos as they manifest through the creative impulse. I am currently busy Doo g my MAFA at WITS… I have been working professionally as a interdisciplinary visual artist for the past 15 years . I have collaborated with William Kentridge on numerous projects and am currently involved in a collaborative project with him