Sylvia Toy St. Louis a/k/a Sylviatoyindustries (San Francisco CA, USA): THE LABYRINTH: Solastalgia

  • 6 Apr 2023 4 pm UTC
  • dur 8 min

This is a silent, experimental performance art movie, with sound created from recordings of breaking, ripping and shredding plastic. This film is a proof of concept for THE LABYRINTH by Sylvia Toy, a mid-length film that was released in July 2021. One, a woman driven to the point of psychosis by plastic pollution, escapes from the known world into The Labyrinth, where she encounters a pure, perfect environment that is nevertheless filled with invisible obstacles and threats, as well as supernatural creatures.

I  am a middle-class Black American housewife who makes Arthouse movies in my livingroom. My projects have 3 phases: 1) story and character development through acting improvisation; 2) scene rehearsal and production design; 3) production with continuity. Most of my work is non-linear narrative, primarily concerned with the experience of being Human. ARTIST’S WEBSITE